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CD on Fellside Recordings in 2005

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Song Links was a project to illustrate how Traditional Folk Songs in the English-speaking world were carried from one country to another. The first project looked at the English – Australian connection and this project, Song Links 2, has followed on from the success of that to look at the English - American connection. English singers were used to perform the English songs and American singers to perform the American versions. The result of the project is a very fine double CD on Fellside.

The project was driven by Martyn and Dan Wyndham-Read, Shirley Collins brought together the booklet of notes and Paul Adams of Fellside produced the CDs. The singers include
Shield Kay Adams, Anahata, Jim Causley, John Copper, The Copper Family, Jeff Davis, Tim Ericksen, Dave Fletcher, Cassie Franklin, Skip Gorman, Sara Grey, Mary Humphries, John Kirkpatrick, Benji Kirkpatrick, Lauren McCormick, Kieron Means, Bruce Molsky, Emily Portman, Jean Ritchie, Southern Brew, Jody Strecher, Bill Whaley and Martyn Wyndham-Read.

The CD was launched on 17th April 2005 in Cecil Sharp House in London and Sara and Kieron were among the performers. The launch and the CDs were well received and of Sara & Kierons performances the following was written:-

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NetRythms - David Kidman
“… the songload was shared out very appropriately, several extra songs being taken on by Sara and/or Kieron. Sara Grey gave the finest of her many performances of the afternoon yet so late on into the programme. (I must mention here that Sara had been suffering from a chesty cough for several days prior to the concert, but you'd barely have noticed as her singing throughout was as captivating as ever and she proved herself a real trouper by taking on the additional songs!) Kieron Means shone whenever he appeared, but when singing with his mother the closeness of their almost identical vibratos highlighted the familial relationship in a most uncanny way. Which leads me on to observe that maybe the real-est stars of the show were the younger performers”

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Mudcat Café - El Greko (George Papvergeris)
”… the presence of so many younger singers lifted my heart, that was certainly one thing. And to see John and Benji, Sara and Kieron together made me frankly jealous, albeit in a nice way. Finally, the presence of a healthy component of American voices in the concert (shame Jean Ritchie couldn't be there) gave a reality to the research and hard work that was palpable. Here were people from both sides of the Atlantic each singing "their" songs, which clearly were related and made somehow relevant to both countries.”
”Sara Grey's voice was that of an angel (and I know she was suffering the day before from a chesty cough, but she miraculously shook it off just in time); Sara's duets with Kieron Means highlighted for me their relationship, with their identical vibratos blending into single dual-tone sound”
”Favourite songs on the day: … Martyn's & Sara's versions of "Locks & Bolts". “

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Folk Roots Forum – Gig Reviews, Diane Easby
It was a great shame that Jean Ritchie was unable to come over but Sara Grey entranced everyone as always with her unfussy style and Kieron’s sensitive accompaniments and harmonies.

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