Broadstairs 2007

"Old Time News" - January 2008

by Christine Bell

... worthy of mention from my B.P.'s (John Birchfield) perspective were Sara Grey, Kieron Means and Ben Paley and a musician from the antipodes named Chris Aronsten. Broadstairs is a town festival, so artists play in various places; pubs, halls, seafront, bandstand and just about any nook or cranny they can find. The best of these perform in the marquee and it was here B.P. heard Sara, Kieron and Ben perform their set. This was really an Old Time performance par excellence I was told, as one would expect with Sara Grey's wonderful singing being accompanied by her son Kieron and surely one of the best fiddle players around, Ben Paley. This was not to be missed. The trio did not disappoint (although apparently Sara obviously thought that the marquee was going to fall down because of the weather)! Their set was really wonderful and totally professional as you would expect. I just wish my B.P could play like Sara, but I dare not tell him in case he has one of his heads and I will not get a tune out of him for weeks!