Sara Grey

Taplas Oct/Nov 2005

Roy Harris on folk clubs and the folk industry


Now, there are still clubs that do it right, who make their night an event that people are glad to go to and would talk to their mates about next day. In fact there are plenty of them, but so many of these get smeared with the same "deadly dull clubs for deadly dull people" propaganda that I almost begin to believe it.

Thankfully, last April, I went to a club that hit the spot, creating an ambience that held all the things listed in paragraphs two and three. The MC was humorous and friendly, bantering with the audience and singers alike. A gaggle of floor singers, including a ten year old boy, who sang, went out for fish and chips and then came back again, delivered some fine songs. There was an excellent poem written in tribute to the late Cyril Tawney and then the guest artists, Sara Grey and Kieron Means, gave a performance that drew everyone into the heart of their music.

It's almost an insult to Sara to say that she "performs" her music. She plays the 5-string banjo as if born to, backed by her Hollywood-handsome son on guitar and vocal.

There is no "act" being given here. These two live and breathe the music they shared so eloquently with an entranced audience. The whole thing was just right. Many thanks, Llantrisant Folk Club.