A new CD, "Better Days a Comin',"
"on Wild Goose from Sara Grey & Kieron Means

Doug Bailey has done a splendid job of adding some images to his recordings our CD, Better Days a Comin.
It is publicity video giving samples of a number of tracks. Enjoy, buy the CD!
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Sara's first solo recording with the Folk Legacy label is now available from The Smithsonian. The Folk Legacy recordings were so significant that they were all taken over by The Smithsonian following the deaths of both Sandy and Caroline Paton.
The complete recordings of Folk Legacy can be seen at www.folkways.si.edu.folk-legacy

"Sara Grey and her son, Kieron Means, play American music, as distinct from Americana -theirs is the real deal. Old-time ballads, cowboy songs and Primitive Methodist hymns are all grist to their individual mill. Sara's unique frailing banjo style and Kieron's blues-inflected guitar are in perfect harmony and this, instinctive, family symbiosis is what sets them apart. Passionate and heartfelt vocals are the icing on the cake and it's hardly surprising that they are no strangers to the Bothy Folk Club." - Clive Pownseby, Organiser, Bothy Folk Club, Southport
"This year marks a significant milestone in the career of the seemingly ageless Sara Grey. 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of her arrival on these shores, initially to tour, then to collect songs in the Outer Hebridies, a finally to live for most of the follwoeing 46 years. For over four years now she's been back in her native USA, but she still finds plentyof opportunities to return to these islands and re-establish her status as one of the UK's best loved American performers. This year she's touring and recoding once again with her son, the prodigiously talented Kieron Means, in a duo which seems to go from strength to strength." - Brian Peters, Living Tradition August 2019

Banjo Lessons
Sara teaches old-time banjo and banjo to accompany Appalachian Songs and Ballads

"Sara Is GREAT . She is so  very patient. you will love her. She can get you playing by ear and along with others." - Wayne Keiderling.

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Wayfaring Strangers
The Musical Voyage from Scotland and Ulster to Appalachia
by Fiona Ritchie and Doug Orr

Email from Fiona Ritchie to Sara,
"As you reflect upon your life's work I want you to know you are an important part of this book. There are three transcribed excerpts from our radio interview on the subject, you are profiled as one of our "Voices of Tradition" as a "specialist in transatlantic song connections from year of research and collecting", and you are also included on the wonderful 20 track CD, singing "Black is the Color". Recordings by you and Kieron are included in the Discography of fifty recommended albums. So this book has real benefited from your input Sara, along with other "Voices" such as Pete Seeger, Jean Ritchie, Doc Watson, Jean Redpath, John Cohen, John Purser, Archie Fisher, Cara Dillon, Len Graham, Sheila Kay Adams and other musicians you will know. "

Sara Grey
"Sara Grey is one of that rare breed of singers who have been involved with traditional music over many years and absorbed its vital essence. In Sara's performance, the art of the singer and that of the story teller merge to produce a web of tales and songs capable of transporting an audience from the concert hall or club room to the intimacy of a kitchen fire side."
Brian Peters


Kieron Means
Kieron has such a tremendous passion when he sings, it goes right to the very core of himself, he's totally immersed the songs. He is a terrific performer on account of just that passion. His voice is especially striking, achieving the rare combination of a high lonesome edge with a warm richness of timbre, and it has a power to move the listener that few of his generation can match. His guitar playing is unconventional, its spareness a mile away from any notion of fancy picking, but it's highly effective, while his stage presence is charismatic, yet laid-back. His songs range from old-time, through the blues - which he sings with startling conviction - to the work of tradition-influenced songwriters, and his own compositions have people, who know a good song when they hear one, nodding in approval.
Living Tradition

Ben Paley
Sara and Kieron often perform with Ben Paley. Ben is just the best fiddle player and works so well with Sara and Kieron. The three of them make a sound that is full, unique and wonderful.

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