Sara Grey - Resume


Born March 22, 1940 in Boston. Married with four sons.
Lived 43 years in England and Scotland.
Now resident in Rockland, Maine.

Summary of Qualifications:
A degree in Theater Arts
Two years teaching pre-school-children
A career as a folklorist and traditional ballad singer

1958-59 Boston University - theater arts and music
1959-60 Oberlin Conservatory, Ohio - music
1960-65 Montana State University - B.F.A. degree with honors in Theater Arts and Speech
1965-66 Montana State University partial completion of Master of Theater Arts degree
1968      University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia partial completion of masters degree in folklore


1962-64 Three years repertory theatre, Bigfork Summer Playhouse, Bigfork, Montana.
1965-66 Acted with semi-professional theatre company, Port Washington Players, Long Island
1965-66 Assistant teacher in creative dramatics, Port Washington, Long Island.
1965-66 One year study at the Herbert Berghof-Utahagen Acting Studio, New York City.
1967 One Year teaching in a cooperative pre-school programme in Philadelphia.
1967-70 Travelling as a professional musician throughout North America collecting and performing traditional North American and British ballads and songs, accompanied by banjo, dulcimer and autoharp. There performances included folk song societies, concerts and festivals.
1967-70 Collected songs in Pembrokeshire in Northern Ontario.
1968 Participated in the "Young Audience" programme in Philadelphian school system, giving workshops and lectures on folklore and folk music.
1968 Part-time music teacher in city centre Montessori school, Philadelphia.
1969-70 Taught two semesters in adult education programme, Camden, Maine. One course was an introductory survey of folklore and the other was a creative dramatics course for intermediate age level (13 - 15 years of age).
1974-75 Music tours of France, Holland and Belgium. BBC radio and television work. Also featured on the American public broadcasting system at various times during career in music. While living in Britain I collaborated on articles on folklore.
1978-80 Folklorist in residence in New Hampshire schools - Vermont and Maine under New Hampshire Commission of the Arts.
1970-now Professional performances in folk clubs, concerts, folk festivals, arts centres radio and television
1989 Carried out pilot folklore collecting project in Hereford, England.
1990 Carried out pilot folklore collecting project in Lancashire, England.
1994 & 1997 Staff of Pinewoods Music Camp in Massachusetts, USA
1998 Staff at Woods Camp, Northern Ontario
2000+ Tutor in Song,
Traditional Music School Of Excellence, Plockton High School, Highlands, Scotland
The Sage, Gateshead,England
The Royal Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow, Scotland
2001 & 2001 Song Director of Pinewoods Music Camp in Massachusetts
2001 Staff at Goderich Celtic College, Goderich, Ontario
2002, 2006,
Staff at Common Ground on the Hill. McDaniel College, Westminster,MD, USA
2003 & 2004 Staff at Banjo Camp North, Gortonwood, Gorton, Mass. USA
2004 Tutored Local singing group “The Singers Gathering”, Livingston, Scotland
2006 Tutored Local singing group “Sangschule”, Linlothgow, Scotland
2007, 2008,
Staff at Ozark Folk School
2010 Staff at Appalachain Family Folk Week, Hindman Settlement School, Hindman, KY, USA
2010 Staff at Sore Fingers October Weekend, Kingham, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
2011 Tutored local singing groups
“Just Singing”, Birnham, Perthshire, Scotland
“Angus Folk” Kerrimuir, Angus, Scotland
Wighton Centre, Dundee, Scotland
2010, 2011,
2013, 2017
Staff at John C Campbell Folk School Scottish Heritage Week, Brasstown, NC, USA
2012 Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow
2013 Staff at Augusta Heritage Center Vocal Week, Elkins, WV, USA
2013, 2015 Mystic Sea Music Festival
New England Folklore Society
National Committee of Folklorist and Traditional Musicians
Actors Equity
Musicians Union
Performing Rights Society