Video Clips

Here are some videos of Sara and Kieron performing
Often they perform with Ben Paley
Sara and Kieron did a cracking job at The Bridge in Newcastle Upon Tyne on Aug 12th, 2019.
The organiser videoed their songs and they can be seen here.
A Rake And A Rambling Boy (Trad)
Away Down The Road (Craig Johnson)
The Carolina Lady (Trad)
Going To Kansas  (Trad), Elk River Blues (Ernie Carpenter)
Goodbye My Lover I'm Gone (Trad)
I Know Whose Tears (Joe Newberry)
Lonesome Roving Wolves
Lost John Dean
My Dearest Dear (Trad)
On The Way To Jordan (Trad)
Railroad (Trad)
Silk Merchant's Daughter (Trad)
The Hills Of Mexico (Trad), Last Chance (Trad tune)
The Steamboat Whistle (John Jackson)

A Rake and a Rambling Boy - Sara & Kieron at Whitby

Swananoa Mountain - Sara, Kieron & Mike Whellans

Sandy Boys - Sara, Kieron & Mike Whellans

Cherry River Line - Sara, Kieron & Ben Paley

False Young Man - Kieron & Sara

The L&N Don't Stop Here Any More - Kieron

Rake and Rambling Boy - Sara, Kieron & Ben Paley

Resurrection Day - Sara, Kieron & Ben Paley

Sheep, Sheep - Sara & Kieron

When This World Is At It's End - Sara, Kieron & Ben Paley

Lost Nation Band in Lithuania - Sara Grey, Bave Burland & Roger Wilson

Going To Kansas/Elk River Blues - Sara & Kieron

On The Way To Jordan - Sara & Kieron

The Hills Of Mexico/Last Chance - Sara & Kieron